Leopard Skin Jasper Point
Leopard Skin Jasper Point

Leopard Skin Jasper Point

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The natural movement within Leopard Skin Jasper encourages you to transform and find the next level of yourself. It gives you the courage to be mentally brave - to look at the “hard stuff,” take more ownership of your life, and make honest realizations. It encourages you to leave the past in the past and instead move forward, creating a new reality that better aligns with who you are in the present. Leopard Skin Jasper urges you to lighten your load and let go of your worries. Take this transformation in stages: you don’t have to get from A to Z overnight. Due to its pink, yellow, and beige tones, Leopard Skin Jasper is strongly connected with your heart center. Its energy asks you: what makes you happy? What are you most passionate about? Are you currently prioritizing the people and things that make you feel this way? And, if not: why is that? The Leopard Skin Jasper meaning wants you to appreciate all that you have to increase the happiness in your life. To achieve this, it will give you the courage to sever ties with people or things that are only causing you disappointment or unhappiness. Leopard Skin Jasper is a power stone that will nurture your heart and spirit as you transform, change, and rise to new heights. All Leopard Skin Jasper Points will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

A visually stunning stone, Leopard Skin Jasper is known by many different names: Jaguar Stone, Jaguar Jasper, Pink Rhyolite, and Leopard Rock. There are many different types of Jasper, but they all have a swirled, speckled and mottled appearance which lends them their name: jasper comes from the Greek iaspi, which means “spotted stone.”

This jasper variation is perfect for the less brave among us - those of us who would much rather not deal with any introspection for fear of what they mind. Leopard Skin Jasper urges you to be 100% honest with ourselves and with others. It wants you to be brave enough to take a wrecking ball to any false façades you may have erected in order to protect your self-image or preserve appearances others have applied onto you.

Once those illusions are utterly dispelled, your Leopard Skin Jasper Point boosts your confidence, inner strength, and vitality. With Leopard Skin Jasper in your corner, you have the guts to make those hard decisions you’ve been putting off, those difficult conversations with others, and take responsibility for yourself and your life. With this stone’s dynamic energy, you can make the decisions that’ll take you closer to achieving your most ambitious goals and grow to be your best, bravest self.

1. At the end of the day, grab your journal (or a piece of paper) and a pen. Hold your Leopard Skin Jasper Point in your non-writing hand.

2. Ask yourself: what is one thing that brought me joy and made me happy today? Jot down your first thought on your paper. Reflect on what you wrote down. What about this made you happy?

3. Continue this practice every day for 30 days, working up to finding 10 things from a single day that brought you joy.

This simple practice reprograms your mind to recognize all the little things that bring you joy throughout the day.

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