Charoite Stone
Charoite Stone

Charoite Stone

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Connect with a Charoite stone to deepen your spiritual practice and elevate your state. As a stone of consciousness and spirituality, Charoite helps to raise your vibration and expand your perspective. If you’re on a journey of transformation, bring your Charoite stone along for the ride to support you.

The violet Charoite stone connects to the third eye chakra, the center of intuition and spirituality. By opening your third eye, this crystal deepens your connection to self and your ability to trust your inner wisdom. Working with Charoite helps you move through life as your highest self, seeing your life from a higher perspective.

By raising your vibration, Charoite helps you transform and uplevel in all aspects of life. Whether you want to deepen your spiritual practice, change your state, or work toward a specific inner transformation, your Charoite stone can support your journey and inner growth. 

Charoite is also a powerful stone for meditation or other healing practices as it helps to deepen your sense of awareness and openness. Using this stone in combination with other methods can enhance your experience and help you tune into yourself in a more meaningful way.

Place your stone over your third eye to open your mind and expand your consciousness.

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