Your Crystal OOTD for 2024

Your Crystal OOTD for 2024

Carnelian Bracelet
Fame • Creativity • Confidence
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front view of genuine dark red garnet bead stretch bracelet by Energy Muse
Close up of woman's wrist with 3 Energy Muse garnet bead bracelets
Garnet Bracelet
Passion • Sensuality • Spiritual Wealth
from $ 18.88
Crystal Power Necklace
Strength • Courage • Amplified Energy
$ 129.95
Power Bracelet
Strength • Courage • Amplified Energy
from $ 32.95
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Grounding Anklet
$ 24.95
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Happy New Year, crystal family! 2024 is finally here — get ready for a year with an energy that is vibrating at an unprecedented level!

In numerology, 2024 is an exhilarating 8 year. This number symbolizes high speed, action, and a fiery zest for life. To harness this potent energy and ensure your alignment with the momentum of this powerful year, we've curated an exclusive "outfit of the day" for the entire year, featuring 5 of our powerful pieces of crystal jewelry.

Here's the perfect ensemble to empower you through the year:

1. Power Bracelet: Crafted with an abundance of jasper stones, this bracelet is your stabilizing force. Jasper is renowned for its grounding properties, anchoring you firmly amidst the fast-moving and dynamic flow of 2024.

2. Carnelian Bracelet: Embrace the fiery essence of action with our Carnelian Bracelet! Its vibrant energy fuels your drive, igniting your passion and propelling you forward.

3. Garnet Bracelet: Unblock your path and fortify your root chakra with the Garnet Bracelet.

4. Power Necklace: This exquisite piece serves as a conduit for your strength, guiding you towards your goals throughout the year.

5. Grounding Anklet: Find your footing amidst the whirlwind of energies in 2024. Our Grounding Anklet will anchor you, fostering stability and a strong foundation.

Each one of these pieces enhances your alignment with the energy of 2024, ensuring that you're equipped to make the most of this transformative year.