Day 10: Happiness

It's no secret: the winter months can be a little bit dreary. It's the time of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder which often makes us...well, sad), shorter days, less time outdoors, and harsh weather.

Fear not: help is on the way! Not only is the Winter Solstice bringing back longer days very soon, but we also have a powerful curated collection of mood-boosting, joy-bringing, and overall uplifting crystal allies and easy-to-do rituals to brighten up every heart.

Treat your loved ones to happiness and joy they can tap into whenever they need to, winter and beyond!

For the Healing Heart: whether they're grieving a loss or heartbreak, the holidays are undoubtedly an extra challenging time. Gift them an Amazonite Pillar. Bursting with joyous vibrant color and an upbeat and happy energy, this is a wonderful statement piece they can place in their favorite room.

• For the Sibling with Seasonal Blues: while you can't gift them the Sun, Sunstone and Citrine are the next best thing! Our Happiness Bracelet will remind them to connect with their internal joy help them radiate positivity when aligned with the healing properties of this energetic crystal combination.

• For the Recovering Patient: Usher miracles into your life with the Miracle Crystal Bowl! By working with the synergy of 6 powerful crystals, along with the supercharging energy of Selenite, this bowl acts as a super-dose of good fortune, optimism, and energetic healing.

Today's Mantra: I am happy.

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