Day 11: Supporting Your Health

Being healthy means taking care and feeling good in your mind and body. Health truly applies not only to the physical body, but the emotional and spiritual bodies as well! Maintaining your health or healing from a health challenge is a daily committment that takes physical and mental determination. Use these crystals to support your health journey and get your mind, body, and spirit in tip-top shape!

The Fitness Rookie who just started out on their journey and knows that the beginning of a committment is the hardest! Gift them the Energy Bracelet to help them tap into their deep reserve of personal energy, determination and motivation that can go with them on every run, hike, yoga or dance session.

The Olympian who is a pro at discipline, committment, and consistency, and always wants to take their physical ability to the next level. Give them the Performance Necklace! This power piece is like a gold medal they can wear everyday, reminding them that peak performance is attainable and their practice is worth it!

The Always Sniffling whose young child always brings back a new cold from school or simply can't seem to stop the sniffles and sneezes! Gift them the new Stay Healthy Stone Bundle! Designed with 4 stones that support different facets of their overall health.

Today's Mantra: I am healthy.

Wearable Wealth Necklace
Abundance • Prosperity • Money Magnet
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Lakshmi Charm
Abundance • Wealth • Compassion
$ 29.88
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Malachite Scrunchie
Abundance • Love • Good Luck
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close up view of dainty mini gemstone Perdiot crystal stretch elastic bracelet with four leaf clover-shaped Malachite bead by Energy Muse
White woman with tarot sun hand tattoo wearing 8 Opportunity Magnet peridot and malachite crystal stretch elastic bracelets by Energy Muse
Opportunity Magnet Bracelet
Good Luck • Money • Growth
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Copper Harmonizers
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Pyrite Tower
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Black woman holding medium sized natural untreated Citrine crystal point by Energy Muse
Natural Citrine Point
Wealth • Positivity & Joy • Manifestation
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Selenite Charging Box
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product view of Money Magnet Oil Roller by Energy Muse featuring genuine Pyrite, Aventurine and Citrine crystals, plus organic cinnamon, five finger grass and basil oils.
Woman rolling Money Magnet Oil Roller by Energy Muse featuring genuine Pyrite, Aventurine and Citrine crystals, plus organic cinnamon, five finger grass and basil oils on her left wrist.
Money Magnet Crystal Oil Roller
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Wealth Stones
Inviting Prosperity • Growing Wealth • Abundance
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Emotion Unblocker Bracelet
Balance • Peace • Resilience
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Emotion Unblocker Necklace
Balance • Peace • Resilience
Regular price $ 103.88 Sale price$ 77.91