Day 3: Restful Sleep

The sleepyheads on your list will be delighted by these special and specific gift ideas!

Day 3 of our Intentional Gifting Series is all supporting mindful sleep habits! Restful sleep is a key component of our overall well-being, so it should always be a top priority, but especially for those of us who struggle at bedtime.

These tools help you unwind and let your busy mind surrender to a restful state at night. Support the people on your list with crystal gifts that help them relax into truly restorative sleep, now and always! et go is worth its weight in gold! 

The INNER CHILD WITH A MONSTER UNDER THE BED who needs more than a night light to keep the nightmares away. Fill your bedroom with the harmonious energy of a NEW Celestite Geode Sphere to gently lull them back to sleep. 

• The ON-THE-MOVE MOM who has to pack up an entire house, find new schools and jobs, and start over! Give them a Sleep Lover’s Bundle so they can relax and recharge every night after problem-solving day after day. 

• The PLANNER who organizes all day everyday, from project managing at work to running the household to the last detail. After the super busy day, using the Inner Calm Essential Oil Roller will act as a relaxing ritual to get ready for sleep.

Today's Mantra: I sleep soudly.

Malachite Scrunchie
Abundance • Love • Good Luck
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