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Are you seeking daily crystal inspiration to elevate your life and relationships? With this easy-to- use 52-card oracle deck, all you need to do is pick a card and trust your soul's intuition. Each card features colorful photographs of Mother Earth's most energy-filled crystals and short descriptions of each crystal's strongest ability and core soul affirmation. This crystal card deck will help you to:

Fast track your spiritual evolution.
Using the crystal oracle cards allows you to access your subconscious mind so you can recognize and take action toward the deeper healing or higher purpose your soul needs. With the help of this oracle deck, spiritual evolution becomes a part of your lifestyle in an achievable, realistic, and practical way, rather than seemingly impossible or merely aspirational.
Deepen your intuition and connection to self.
Through drawing cards, you will be able to comfortably prompt conversations and reflections that you need to have with yourself. Even the act of drawing cards strengthens your intuitive sense and helps you develop greater trust in yourself.
Gain insight into your life to make empowered choices.
Each crystal oracle card has a message to share to help you on your unique journey in life. Every time you open your deck, you have the opportunity to connect with the energy of a crystal card and discern how it relates to a particular situation in your life to facilitate smarter, better decisions that ultimately lead to more happiness and fulfillment.
Learn how to work with the energy of 52 crystals.
This deck will guide and teach you to work with crystal energy in a way that is results-oriented, making the wisdom of crystals convenient and accessible, even if you don’t have the physical stones on hand.

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About the Oracle Deck

“I have seen the powerful shifts that occur when you work with the message of crystals, and I’m excited to bring this method to anyone seeking to gain insight about themselves in pursuit of living their best life.” - Heather Askinosie

Heather Askinosie, author of Crystal Muse, CRYSTAL365 and now Daily Crystal Inspiration, has had the honor of giving crystal readings for nearly three decades. The insights of her readings have helped clients across the spectrum to achieve major breakthroughs. She has seen elite athletes overcome mental obstacles to reach peak levels of performance, and she’s seen ambitious, high-powered executives discover a deeper sense of fulfillment and happiness from within. She’s also witnessed the frantic mother of three find a way to slow down, make time for herself, and honor her own needs to achieve greater balance in her life.

When Heather does a reading, she lays an assortment of crystals on a table and asks her client to select the ones they feel most attracted to, based on color, shape, and size. She then uses their intuitive selection to determine what their soul is calling for. The crystals share with her a story without the other person saying a word.

People often ask how she knows certain information without asking any questions. The answer she gives is always the same: the crystals do all the talking. Heather doesn't read people; she interprets the messages of the stones to help others achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves and participate in their spiritual journey. Nothing happens without taking action. But while crystals are invaluable when it comes to self-discovery, true growth comes from following through on their wisdom. That’s why in this oracle, Heather offers actionable information and transformative takeaways.

What’s in The Crystal Oracle Deck?

The 52 crystal oracle cards in this deck were selected because they represent the most common themes that people seek to address in their lives. As different as we are, on a core level, we all want the same things—love, connection, purpose, contentment. These chosen crystals touch on these shared experiences and provide a clear directive to heal and transform your life. Each card offers an affirmation for you to connect with its corresponding crystal energy. Through the guidebook entries, you can learn about the message that each crystal card has to bestow and be guided through a simple action to make an immediate, impactful shift in your life.

How to Use This Oracle Deck


Whether you’re new to oracle decks or have an entire collection of card decks, your Daily Crystal Inspiration deck will take you on a crystal journey unlike any other. From a daily draw to a complete crystal card reading, this deck introduces three ways to harness the power of the crystal cards.

  1. Daily Message: Pull a single card when you awaken to set your intention for the day. This method allows you to ask yourself, What do I need to focus on today?
  2. Monthly Message: Choose a day every month to pull a single card. You might choose the first or last day of each month, a lunar phase such as the Full Moon or New Moon, or any other day that has meaning to you. Read the crystal card’s message, then ask yourself, What do I need to focus on this month? What is one thing I can work on for this period to help me shift, grow, and transform?
  3. Crystal Card Reading: Holding your question or intention in your mind, draw three to five cards and lay them before you in a horizontal line. Combining different oracle cards in this way will add depth to your reading, allowing you to understand the story line or themes in your life at this time. The energies and messages of several crystals allow you to go deeper into your spiritual exploration.

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