Navigating Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is approaching, with the first lunar eclipse on March 25th followed by a solar eclipse on April 8th. While these events may seem distant, their influence can often be felt beforehand – and we can definitely feel it! 

Despite their discomfort, eclipses bring us moments of destiny. They serve to guide us along our destined paths, whether we welcome the changes or not. Resistance only leads to trouble, so it's best to flow with the energy, staying grounded and centered rather than spiraling out of control. That’s where your crystals come in.

Your Crystals for Eclipse Season

product view of genuine Copper Sphere for meditating by Energy Muse
Man holding Copper Sphere by Energy Muse in index finger and thumb to show size
Copper Sphere
Amplification • Meditation • Charging
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Pink & Purple Flash Labradorite Touchstone
Limitless Potential • Magic • Light
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Pyrite and Golden Healer Quartz Sphere
Light • Abundance • Full Potential
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Heather has come up with this crystal formula to assist you during this season. By aligning yourself with both the earth and the sky, you can harness the full potential of the eclipse's energy.

2 coppers spheres

These grounding and magnetically healing tools are designed to keep you centered and connected. Holding onto these spheres provides a tangible anchor, grounding you while maintaining a strong connection to the flow of energy. Perfect for on-the-go use, these spheres allow you to earth through your hands, tapping into the chakra points for balance and stability wherever you are.

Pink + Purple Flash Labradorite

These crystals are a celestial blend of galactic energy with loving hues of pink and purple. As the energy intensifies, fears, head pressure and mental challenges arise unexpectedly, triggering moments of unease. Holding your Labradorite to your third eye, visualizing its energy, clearing your mind and relieving pressure.

Pyrite + Golden Healer Quartz Sphere

This sphere is a rare blend of powerhouse minerals that aligns you with the energy of light. Embrace the sphere as a symbol of unity with eclipse energy, guiding you to flow harmoniously with its transformative power. Let it be a constant visual reminder to keep progressing forward, knowing that your destiny awaits on the other side of this celestial journey.