Introducing the Jimmy Bracelet

A collaboration between Energy Muse and the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, this bracelet represents Jimmy’s enduring essence — each stone symbolizes a different aspect of his legacy.

  • Prehnite reminds you to live the life you dream of and to not play it safe.
  • Citrine has a bright and sunshiny yellow that evokes Jimmy’s golden hair, filling you with positivity.
  • Iolite clears away dark thoughts and limiting beliefs so you can aim higher than you ever thought possible.
  • Selenite helps you embody illuminating light energy that you can share with others when you’re of service.
  • Clear Quartz keeps your vision crystal clear, making it easier to establish a solid foundation.
  • Natural Wood evokes Jimmy’s much-cherished surfboards and helps you stay grounded and connected to the healing power of the Earth.
  • Moss Agate opens you up to be more accepting of opportunities.

The Jimmy Bracelet

In collaboration with the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation
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The Jimmy Bracelet
The Jimmy Bracelet
The Jimmy Bracelet
The Jimmy Bracelet
The Jimmy Bracelet
A note from Nancy

Birthing a bracelet is much like birthing a child. You think about the values you want to instill in this precious jewel. The bracelet grows, stone by stone as your child grows inch by inch, year by year. Birthing a foundation takes it all a step farther. You have to refine the life goals, mission, and ways you want to enhance the lives of everyone touched by the work of healing, offered by the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation.

Each of the stones in this bracelet represents a different aspect of what made Jimmy’s essence so magical and enduring.

And although we conceived of it on a day of profound sadness, bringing this piece to life as a bracelet you can wear is a powerful way to keep Jimmy’s spirit alive.

By sharing his life and passion for surfing with the world, we have been able to save countless lives through Ocean Therapy. This is the legacy of Jimmy Miller and the foundation in his name.

With oceans of love and waves of gratitude to all.

I hope you feel the healing spirit of the ocean and the memory of Jimmy when you wear or share this bracelet.


JMMF Co-founder

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