Root Chakra

Do you ever feel like you're striving for stability in your life, especially in the realms of finances and personal grounding? It may be time to work on and activate your Root Chakra: a vital energy center that plays a significant role in shaping these important  areas of your life.

The Root Chakra, also known as Muladhara in Sanskrit, serves as the foundation of our energy system, governing feelings of security, stability, and a sense of belonging. Located at the base of the spine, this chakra influences various aspects of our lives, particularly impacting our financial well-being and overall stability.

When the Root Chakra is in balance, it fosters a profound sense of security, financial prudence, and stability. However, imbalances in this energy center can manifest as financial insecurity, feelings of instability, and difficulty in managing resources effectively.

Your Crystal

One powerful tool to aid in balancing and harmonizing the Root Chakra is Garnet. Working with the new and magnificent Garnet crystal sphere resonates strongly with the Root Chakra, promoting feelings of security, courage, and abundance. By incorporating Garnet into your daily life, you can enhance your sense of stability and connection to the present moment.
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Close up of woman's wrist with 3 Energy Muse garnet bead bracelets
Garnet Bracelet
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Your Scent

Inhale the soothing aroma of Dragon's Blood to balance your root chakra. This earthy scent is renowned for its grounding properties, bringing you back to your roots while creating a sense of stability and security.
White Sage + Dragon's Blood Incense
Clearing • Cleansing • Empowerment
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Dragon's Blood Backflow Incense Cones
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Dragons Blood & Mountain Sage Stick
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Your Home

Place Garnet and Lucky Elephant crystals inside your front door. Ensure that the trunks of the elephants face into the house, with Garnet positioned in front. This simple yet effective practice stabilizes the flow of money into your home.
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Lucky Crystal Elephants
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Moss Agate Elephant
Growth • Abundance • Good Fortune
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Faceted Almadine Garnet Crystal
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Garnet Stone - Tumbled Stones - Energy Muse
Garnet Stone
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