front view of genuine Aegirine Blade by Energy Muse showing some slight iridescence.
Man putting genuine Aegirine Blade, Blue Kyanite Mini Wand and Aragonite Tumbled Stone in pants pocket by Energy Muse.

Aegirine Blade

Deep Healing • Banishing Negativity • High Frequency
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This is your invisible armor that you put on before you go out, helping you banish negativity and deflect other people's bad energy. When you are in a dark place you can't escape, stuck in a mental doom loop, or feel as if you have a ghost, entity or dark energy attached to you, it’s time to work with Aegirine! Black Tourmaline may be a bad energy bouncer, but Aegirine acts like a life coach with a lightsaber, banishing any dark energy you're already in and showing you the way through the darkness to bring back in the light quickly!

Measures approx. 1¾" - 2" • Weighs approx. 0.312 ounces

Black stones are the most powerful protectors in the crystal world, and the hard-to-find Aegirine is no different. You may be thinking, “but I already have Black Tourmaline. Do I really need Aegirine too?” The answer is yes! Aegirine does things other black crystals can't — find out why you need it in your life now!

Aegirine was discovered by Norwegian mineralogist Hans Morten Thrane Esmark in 1834, naming it after the Norse sea god, Ægir (Aegir), believed to personify the power of the ocean. This illustrates the almost palpable energy that Aegirine emits! This incredible crystal has a blade-like energy that cuts away anything keeping you in this dark place to immediately elevate your state + help you heal. If you’re stuck in a mental doom loop, or feel as if you have a ghost, entity or dark energy attached to you, let the powerfully protective and light-bringing Aegirine raise your frequency and banish the darkness away.

Using your Aegirine Cluster, trace along the outline of your body. As you do this, visualize yourself cutting any harmful energy strings and attachments that are stuck to you. This exercise is ideally done regularly at night before bed, and in the morning leaving the home.

Carry your Aegirine with you everywhere you go: the Aegirine Blade will act as a bodyguard, keeping you safe and able to deflect harm and negative energy.

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