African Bloodstone Crystal Mushroom
African Bloodstone Crystal Mushroom

African Bloodstone Crystal Mushroom

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Mushrooms symbolize renewal, good luck, and the energy of the Earth. When you combine these energies with the abundance and action-oriented energy of African Bloodstone, your manifestation powers are intensified. These dainty crystal mushrooms make great tumbled stones: take them with you everywhere you go to remind yourself of your personal power and ability to transform yourself. They’re also perfect for placing in your plant pots, garden, or as decor. Your African Bloodstone crystal mushroom boosts the intentions you’ve planted, removing negative energy, cleansing the vibrations, and replacing them with positive, high-frequency vibrations. Each African Bloodstone crystal mushroom is made from high-quality stone with a smooth and polished finish. Each piece will vary slightly in color, pattern, shape and size.

For eons, mushrooms have symbolized rebirth, longevity, and the power of Earth’s fertility. Because mushrooms recycle organic matter in order to grow, their transformative energy is undeniable. Frequently seen as good omens and even as holy by some cultures, mushrooms bring the good luck and regenerative energy you need to up-level your life.

While a lot of crystals are great for clearing the mind, and restoring tranquility, Bloodstone will add a rousing energy to the mix, so that instead of feeling down, you can spring back to action. Get your blood pumping with the revitalizing energy of this African Bloodstone. Let it fill your spirit with a surge of life force energy, confidence and courage so that you can enjoy living in the now. Working with it encourages you to focus on areas of your life that have become stuck and stagnant to get the energy moving again. On an energetic level, it removes the blocks that are keeping you stagnant. With a clear energy field, your spirit will be reinvigorated and ready to act. Whether it's physical or creative energy that you need, bloodstone has you covered.

The Bloodstone meaning links to the heart and sacral chakras to re-center and energize you. From this place, it guides you to see where you need to go and plan how you're going to get there. Like a coach, bloodstone cheers you along as you work toward your goals. When challenges arise, bloodstone properties ground you in the present moment so you can harness the powerful and motivating vibes of this stone to overcome them.

Bloodstone is a great stone for athletes. The ancient Greeks and Romans carried Bloodstone during athletic competitions to ensure endurance and to give them physical strength. The ancients channeled the Bloodstone healing properties by dipping it in cold water and placing it on the body to aid circulation and promote healing. Just as this stone gets the blood pumping through your circulatory system, bloodstone is known for other healing properties like regeneration of cells and tissue. Keep bloodstone as part of your crystal first aid kit to heal physical or emotional wounds.

This stone is great for those who need a little extra motivation to get up and get moving. Connect with the Bloodstone meaning to remove any energy blocks that are keeping you stagnant and pushes you to get going. This stone's energy will shift your thinking and helps you take charge of your life.

Tap your African Bloodstone crystal mushroom into the soil of your favorite plants or in your garden to give them a boost of growth energy and remove any negative frequencies. This will also increase the likelihood that the intentions you’ve just planted will come to pass. You can also use your crystal mushroom as cute decor in your bedroom, desk, or altar.

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