Amethyst Keychain

Amethyst Keychain

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1-2" Due to the unique and natural state of the crystal used, keychains will vary in shape, size or color • ALL SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE
Bring the calming and relaxing energies of an Amethyst crystal with you on an Amethyst Keychain. By clearing your mind, an Amethyst Key Chain brings peace to your spirit.

Bring your Amethyst Keychain with you everywhere you go for a dose of relaxation any time, anywhere. By clearing your mind and third eye chakra, Amethyst allows you to find more peace and quiet no matter what is going on around you. This calming and relaxing stone is like an on-the-go spa treatment, ready to ease your mind and soothe your body when you need it most.

Put your keys on your Amethyst Keychain and connect with the stone when you need a moment of peace.

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