Stalactite Crystal Slice
Stalactite Crystal Slice
Stalactite Crystal Slice
Stalactite Crystal Slice

Stalactite Crystal Slice

Transformation • Personal Power • Manifesting
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Measures approx. 1½" - 2½"• Weighs approx. 0.498 ounces
Measures approx. 1 - 1½" • Weighs approx. 0.248 ounces
Measures approx. 1 - 1½" • Weighs approx. 0.248 ounces
Want the key to manifesting big? Work with a Stalactite Crystal Slice! It helps you keep your manifestation energy high and your eyes on the prize, keeping you consistent and motivated by reminding you that smaller, everyday actions build up to big results. Stalactites expands what you think is possible for yourself, so you no longer play small — aim higher! Stalactites are incredible gifts from the Earth, millions of years in the making! Because they're so rare and are formed in such a unique way, each stalactite slice is a must for any crystal collector!

Note from Heather: I like to think of Stalactites like a rocket. When you are really, truly ready for a breakthrough, they will help you break up the block, break it down and bust it wide open.

Stalactites are incredible gifts from the Earth, millions of years in the making! They're formed when an isolated drop of water from a cave’s roof drips down and creates a tiny mineralized ripple, which in turn creates a super thin ring. This focused dripping continues for hundreds and hundreds of years, and these nearly-invisible rings build up to create the bullseye at the center of the stalactite! This is a visual representation of what you can manifest with daily consistent action. Because your Stalactite slice holds so much of this concentrated, ancient wisdom and energy, you'll be able to see the bigger picture when it comes to your manifestations instead of shooting for smaller improvements or intentions.

Known for creating an ambience of soothing vibrations within the home, amethyst stalactite slices emit the energy of calm in every direction. Points are believed to focus the energy of a stone into a specific direction. So it makes sense that a stalactite cluster, that is rimmed with points, would be a great way to ensure that amethyst energy fills the room. By absorbing negative energy, and transforming it into positive energy, amethyst works to improve the essence that your home gives off. Set the mood for a more relaxed space and spirit by placing an amethyst stalactite on your sacred altar. This reminds you to prioritize your peace of mind every time you look to your altar.

Amethyst stalactite healing properties are also believed to enhance your intuition. These crystals connect with the third eye and crown chakras to relieve conflicts within the mind and provide clarity. The insightfulness that amethyst stalactite benefits can bring you will broaden your outlook on life and confusing situations. As a stone that also works to bring clarity to the mind during your dream state, amethyst is a great crystal to place on your nightstand for better and more lucid sleep. They also make wonderful additions to children's rooms for positive energy. Placing an Amethyst crystal in your business is said to attract abundance and bring in new opportunities. Add one to your meditation or sacred space to further spiritual growth.

Every single one of these Amethyst Stalactite crystals will be different and unique; no two are alike. Stalactites are some of the hardest crystals to find. 

Place your Stalactite in your environment to feel its cleansing, soothing vibes while relaxing at home. You can also place it on a sacred altar to infuse your space with peace.

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