Rainbow Ammonite Fossil
Rainbow Ammonite Fossil
Rainbow Ammonite Fossil

Rainbow Ammonite Fossil

Abundance • Wealth • Wisdom
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Opalized ammonites are believed to enhance wealth manifestation by harnessing the ancient wisdom and life-force energy they have absorbed over millions of years. Their association with sacred geometry and the Fibonacci sequence symbolizes growth, expansion, and the unfolding of potential, which can align with the energy of abundance and prosperity. Additionally, the transformative properties of opalized ammonites may assist in removing obstacles and attracting opportunities for financial success.

Rainbow Ammonite Fossils are naturally iridescent, glittering and beckoning the beholder to get transfixed in its flashing, dancing colors and the hypnotizing Fibonacci spiral of its construction. Ammonites were cephalopods that lived for approximately 140 million years ago, during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, side-by-side with the dinosaurs. They are the great great ancestors of the cuttlefish, octopus, and squid. Their shells were made up of aragonite and mother-of-pearl, which is scientifically known as nacre. This nacreous quality is what gives these Ammonites their natural pearlescent flash. If you go deeper into the shell, closer to the interior, another layer of nacre is visible. That is called a red flash ammonite, and it has to be polished to show that flash. Because of the incredible amount of time these pieces spent in layers of Earth, these iridescent, or rainbow, Ammonites contain volumes and volumes worth of ancient knowledge, eons worth of life energy, and vast container space for abundance. 

The signs that this is a very ancient, very treasured piece of nature can be found in eons-old faiths, practices, and myths. Ammonite gets its epic name from the ancient Egyptian God Amun, associated with the ram, because the Ammonite’s shape so closely resembles the horns of a ram. Early Feng Shui wisdom states that Ammonites are wealth bringers, and it is believed that the radial ribs (or exposed septa, the thin walls that separate each chamber of an Ammonite) look very much like the markings on the disc (wheel or chakra) that Vishnu is often depicted holding in one of his four hands. All tales speak of the success, good fortune, wealth and total abundance that Ammonite attracts to its user. The rainbow-like quality of the nacreous flash represents Ammonite’s power to attract miracles and blessings, adding to its prosperous wellbeing frequencies. Because Ammonites are such ancient, primordial stones, they are thought to hold the Universe’s absorbed knowledge within its beautifully coiled form. Tap into its accumulated wisdom and blessings when you bring it into your home.

Placing one in your place of business and home powerfully draws abundance and prosperity to you. Use it as a paperweight at your desk at work, anchoring you to your goals. Run your fingers along the increasingly larger chambers (known as camerae), and tap into its rich prehistoric, almost immortal, wisdom.

Your Rainbow Ammonite Fossil’s natural iridescence is even more amazing when you wet it! The hues are heightened and become more beguiling.

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