Aura Crystal Geode
Aura Crystal Geode

Aura Crystal Geode

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Connect with an Aura Crystal Druzy Geode to bring a little bit of magic, sparkle and delight into your life. The beautiful druzy sparkles give this geode crystal a glittery, shimmery flair, making it perfect for displaying in an area of prominence in your home or workspace. Whether you hold your geode or glance at it throughout the day, your Aura Geode Crystal will act as your daily reminder to make space for joyful expectancy, optimism and hope in your life.

please note: your Aura Crystal Geode will be intuitively chosen, so the exact aura treatment and color result cannot be requested.

A geode is made up of tiny crystals contained within an outer form. When it is split or broken open, it features a hollow interior that’s heavily studded with super small glittering crystals clustered irregularly throughout. Each one is absolutely unique and beautiful, holding and amplifying energy. Geodes are powerful crystals to use for protection and spiritual growth. Think of them as adorably small crystal caves of both power and beauty. Whisper your wish or intention into your geode and feel the magic start working!

Metal-coated crystals are created by electrostatically coating crystals, such as quartz, with precious metals that imbues them with an irresistibly iridescent metallic sheen. Crystals treated this way are used as gemstones and for other decorative purposes. Possible coatings include Gold, Indium, Titanium, Copper and more. Sometimes the specific added metals impart heavy doses of color and so the crystals may be named accordingly, with names such as Aqua aura, Angel aura, Flame aura, Tangerine aura, Opal aura or Rainbow quartz.

Make a list of the most important things in your life, ranked from most important to least important. Place your Aura Druzy Crystal Geode on top of your list as a reminder to focus on your top priorities.


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