Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point
Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point
Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point
Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point

Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point

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A Platinum Coated Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point is the perfect tool to direct loving energy into your spirit. Just hold the point in your hand with the tip facing your body. Points emit a focused stream of energy in whatever direction you face them, and the iridescent platinum electroplated coating boosts the energy even more. Because of the painstaking extraction and selection process, plus the elite platinum plating, we have *very limited quantities* of this Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point available!

Country of Origin: Brazil

Measures approx. 2-3" tall • Weighs approx. 9.1 ounces

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An Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point is not only a beautiful decorative item to step up your gift came, your home decor, or your self-love practices, but it also serves an energetic purpose in your home. This twinkling aura-plated and rosy-pink crystal invites love and harmony into any room in which it is placed, including your living room and bedroom. The soft and gentle energy of a Rose Quartz Aura Point is magnified by the size of a pillar. Because these are large crystals, their energy can spread throughout the entirety of the room.

The beauty of a Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point is that it is always working. Simply placing one of these stunning specimens in your space allows your crystal to emit positive energy and fill your home with love, even when you are not actively working with it. This makes a Rose Quartz Aura-Plated Half-Polished Point for the home the ideal addition for anyone, whether or not you typically work with crystals or not.

Let the aura rose quartz energy guide you to stop wanting love, and begin seeing it both within and around you. Working with a rose quartz point allows you to feel fully immersed in the energy of love no matter where you are. Ground yourself in the uplifting encouragement of this joyful stone, and you'll open up on levels that you didn't know were closed.

But what exactly is an Aura Rose Quartz Point? It is simply a super polished Rose Quartz crystal that has been treated with a special coating process. This process is created with dazzling platinum. The result is a sparkly, iridescent holographic effect that coats the entire point With this now even more magical look, Aura Rose Quartz’s energy wants to imbue your life with love, joy and compassion, effectively banishing any negativity and low self-esteem.

Place your Aura Rose Quartz Half-Polished Point in your bedroom, living room, or any room you want to fill with loving and harmonious energy. Makes a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day, weddings, or even a gift for yourself if your self-love could use a boost.

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