Black Tourmaline Sphere
Black Tourmaline Sphere
Black Tourmaline Sphere
Black Tourmaline Sphere

Black Tourmaline Sphere

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About 2.5" to 3"
About 1.25” to 1.5”
Protect yourself from bad vibes with a Black Tourmaline Sphere. By shielding you from unwanted negativity, connecting with this crystal sphere will help you feel safe and secure on an energetic level. Give yourself the comfort of knowing that this crystal has your back so you can rest easy and breath a little deeper.

A Black Tourmaline Sphere is ideal for energetic protection. The Black Tourmaline healing properties work to eliminate negative vibrations from your mind, body and spirit. Through that release of negativity, this crystal protects you from letting harmful energy get you down.

Black Tourmaline healing properties act like a bodyguard, preventing negativity from entering your energy field. Whether that negative energy is coming from outside of your or within, this crystal acts as a shield to block low vibrational energy from impacting you. Use this crystal's pitch black color as a symbol for the way that it absorbs darker energy and prevents darker energies from dimming your light.

Known for emitting energy in all directions, this crystal's spherical shape means that you are surrounded by protective energy. Wherever you choose to place your Black Tourmaline sphere, know that the area is enveloped in a bubble of protection.

Being drawn to a Black Tourmaline Sphere is a sign that your spirit craves more energetic protection. If you've been experiencing an onset of bad vibes -- at home, the office, the car, or anywhere else -- then the Black Tourmaline Sphere meaning is what your spirit needs to keep those bad vibes at bay.

Hold your Black Tourmaline sphere in meditation to release negativity from your mind, body and spirit.

Place your Black Tourmaline Sphere somewhere prominent in your home to protect the energy in your space.

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