product view of genuine Blue Manganese in Quartz Touchstone by Energy Muse
Several Blue Manganese in Quartz Touchstones by Energy Muse illustrating the variety in coloration, pattern and size.
Man holding a Blue Manganese in Quartz touchstone in garden by Energy Muse

Blue Manganese in Quartz Touchstone

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Blue Manganese in Quartz is all about cooperation, building community and strengthening bonds with others. Work with this brand-new touchstone to acknowledge and appreciate the groups you're a part of, how to best support the collective — because we are stronger, more grounded and more powerful when we're united as a collective than alone!

  • This touchstone is quite a bit bigger and chunkier than the average touchstone! It provides a nice grounding anchor effect especially during meditation.
  • Work with its soft blue hues to connect with, activate, and balance your throat chakra, ensuring that you are able to communicate what you want and need without fear or reservations.
  • Each Blue Manganese in Quartz Touchstone will all vary slightly in shape, color, pattern, and size, as they all come from Mother Earth.
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    Stones measure approx. 2.25" - 2.5" • Weighs approx. 5.821 ounces

    Blue Manganese in Quartz is a crystal of cooperation and community-building, strengthening your connections and bonds with others. helping to create strong bonds and balancing emotions. Quartz enhances energy by absorbing the surrounding energies, storing that energy within, amplifying its power, balancing the energy within its field, and then sending then energy back out through a focal point. These minerals come together to create a powerful, activating crystal.

    Manganese produces a grounding effect which can help to balance the emotions and the physical body. Combined with the throat chakra activation of a blue stone, Blue Manganese in Quartz helps you ensure that you both stay connected with the very important people who lift you up and also speak your truth and communicate harmoniously.

    Hold your Blue Manganese in Quartz Touchstone in your hands during meditations and to deepen insights that come to you during journaling. We love giving it as gifts to people in our communities that could use some appreciation.

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