Cerussite Barite Crystal
Cerussite Barite Crystal

Cerussite Barite Crystal

Healing Past Pain • Best Self • Transcendence
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Measures approx. 1" - 2"• Weighs approx. 0.98 ounce
Measures approx. 2" - 3" • Weighs approx. 2.84 ounces
The peachy Cerussite encourages your best self to bloom like a flower out of the gray Barite rubble of healed pain. The name Cerussite comes from the Latin word 'cerussa', which means "white lead." Because Cerussite is a lead crystal it’s heavy like Hematite, making it wonderful for grounding — however, its light peach and white coloring provide a connection to the crown and third eye chakras. Barite is all about defragmenting deeply ingrained past pains and making it easier for you to let go of them, making space for your best self to come to life.

Work with Barite’s intense healing energy: tap into its defragmented computer chip-like appearance to clean out and “defragment” uncomfortable feelings we’ve buried deep inside. And because Barite also allows light to pass through it, you can tap into that illuminating, cleansing energy while you get deep into the trenches of your emotions.

Barite helps you if you feel your mind-body connection is weak or could use strengthening. It helps you from being trapped in rationalizations you came up with in order to avoid hurt or uncomfortable feelings. Emotions are primarily felt in the body (like butterflies in your stomach, pain in your chest during heartbreak, the pins and needles of fear or anxiety) and it’s important to let yourself feel these feelings fully in order to move past them! Barite helps you escape your mind and get into the depths of your emotions. Once you allow yourself to feel them fully, the lessons and insights help you level up as a person.

It’s no coincidence that this amazing crystal specimen resembles both a defragmenting computer and a roller coaster: it helps you find the determination and perseverance to take the wild ride of healing and deprogram old, unhelpful, and even harmful mental traps.

This advanced manifestation tool is unlikely to last long in the shop, so ensure you get yours before it's too late.

Lay your Cerussite Barite Cluster over your crown chakra during meditation and observe your thoughts from a distance. Let the Cerussite encourage your best self to bloom like a flower out of the gray Barite rubble of healed pain. Allow Barite to gently open up your mind to your emotions and past pain and let yourself feel them fully. Then, give yourself permission to release them.

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