Clear Quartz Crystal Point Gold Earrings
Woman wearing gold Clear Quartz point huggie drop earrings by Energy Muse
genuine Clear Quartz crystal point earrings on desk by Energy Muse

Clear Quartz Crystal Point Gold Earrings

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These stunning Clear Quartz Point Drop Earrings provide you with an easy and beautiful way to give your intentions a super-boost of energy and manifestation power. When you have your sights set on your goals and your goals are crystal clear, you’re more likely to achieve them. Tap into the superpower of clarity of vision every time you wear your Clear Quartz Point Drop Earrings. Your Clear Quartz earrings will also work to raise your vibration and guide you to a higher state of being and boost your ability to manifest.

Clear Quartz crystal point measures approx. ¾" • Earrings weigh approx. 0.2 ounces • Gold-plated metal body • Huggie-style closure • All crystal earrings are final sale.

Harnessing the powerful energy of Clear Quartz, these Clear Quartz Crystal Point Earrings help you to keep darkness and negativity out of your life so you can focus on raising your inner light and vibration. Because you're wearing Clear Quartz  high up on the body, close to the third eye and crown chakras, you will notice those chakras become balanced, aligned and activated. 

Clear Quartz is an extremely high vibrational crystal, and wearing it on your body allows you to align your energy with its high frequency. By reaching a higher state of being, you can align with your higher purpose and higher self. This is what makes Clear Quartz such a powerful manifestation crystal. Not only does this stone raise your vibration and help you see your life from a higher perspective, but it also amplifies your energy to help you bring your goals and intentions to fruition. Wearing this stone as earrings allows you to harness the energy of Clear Quartz at all times and keep your vibration at the highest level as you go about your day. By keeping your energy field clear and filled with positivity, these Clear Quartz earrings help you move through the world with an energetic bubble of light around you.

The clarity and mental focus that your Clear Quartz earrings provide is an extremely powerful tool for a variety of practices, from meditation and manifestation to artistic endeavors and professional projects. No matter what you are working on, your Clear Quartz crystal earrings can support you. As an added bonus, the Clear Quartz crystal properties magnify the power of other crystals. Wear these earrings in combination with other crystal jewelry to enhance your intentions.

Besides boosting your intuition and sense of inner peace, wearing Amethyst also serves as a constant reminder to fill your self-love first. Wearing your Amethyst drop earrings ensures that you are aligned with your intention wherever you go.

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