Clear Quartz Quan Yin

Clear Quartz Quan Yin

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Sometimes, when we are hurting, it’s harder to see things in our life clearly. With Clear Quartz, you are better able to find clarity in your emotions. Quan Yin is the Chinese spelling of this goddess's name and it means "She who observes all sounds of suffering in the world." This makes her the most powerful goddess to work with when you're in need of nurturing, compassion, and a motherly warmth and understanding. In this crystal carving, her energy of mercy is layered with the clarity-inducing of Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz Quan Yin crystal figurine is perfect for: kitchens, altars, bedrooms, and sacred spaces like meditation rooms or altars.

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This carved crystal Clear Quartz Quan Yin statue is great to work with when you need clarity in a very troubling situation. Clear Quartz is essential for dispelling any lack of clarity and empower yourself to find a way through it. Use this Clear Quartz Quan Yin statue to tap into Quan Yin’s divine mother and compassionate energy.

Adding a Clear Quartz Quan Yin to your altar or bedroom helps to infuse the spaces with illuminating, loving, merciful energy. It simultaneously amplifies Quan Yin’s healing energy as it sucks all the negative energy out of your space.

Working with this Clear Quartz Quan Yin by placing it in your bedroom or any other sacred space to infuse it with warm, compassion, nurturing and divine feminine energy.

To harness the guardian angel-like vibes of your Clear Quartz Quan Yin, place your carving in your kitchen, meditation or prayer space, and anywhere else where you need to call upon Quan Yin to help you get through troubling times.