Dendritic Opal Slab
Dendritic Opal Slab
Closeup of Dendritic Opal Slab crystal held up to natural light by Energy Muse

Dendritic Opal Slab

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Approx. 4-5"
As with a tree, growth cannot be rushed - its roots create intricately expanded designs that bloom into the earth only with time. The tree’s branches similarly fan out and build up, and its trunk keeps rings as markers for every year it grows. None of this is rushed, yet always unfolds as it should. Because Dendritic Opal Slab can sometimes look like slices of tree trunk or feature fern-like branch designs, it wants to imbue you with the patience of nature: through imperturbability and calmness, the work of growing gets done in its own time. Your Dendritic Opal (also known as Moss Opal) helps tap into your inner wisdom, balancing any impatient and frantic emotions and thoughts, and realize that any delay you’re currently experiencing is likely protecting you from something and is occurring because there is something you’re meant to learn in the meantime. Find a sense of energetic composure and fortitude with your Dendritic Opal Slab. All Dendritic Opal Slabs will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Dendritic Opal’s name derives from the Greek dendritēs ‘treelike’, which then comes from dendron ‘tree’. This is in reference to the gorgeous fern-like inclusions that mimic the appearance of a tree's growth due to the presence of manganese oxides or silicates. Because it’s grounding your perspective with mental and emotional fortitude, you are better able to evaluate your choices and expectations and modulate your expectations - delays in “getting what you want” will no longer perturb you. You will be able to discern any lessons embedded within that delay and potentially plan a different way forward. It will help you forge a path to get you to your highest possible intention. Besides the lacy inclusions, Dendritic Opal features lovely milky white.

To create a body layout for stability, patience, and slowing down: place 2 Dendritic Opal Slabs over your hip area while holding either Hematite or Black Tourmaline touchstones in each palm and an Amethyst over your third eye (center of forehead). Imagine roots growing from the tip of each toe into the earth and branches and leaves multiplying and growing skywards. Repeat your affirmation: I have the patience I need to listen to my inner wisdom.

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