Energetic Pyramid Incense
Energetic Pyramid Incense
Energetic Pyramid Incense
Energetic Pyramid Incense
Energetic Pyramid Incense

Energetic Pyramid Incense

Manifestation • Wealth • Clears Obstacles
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Made with Cinnamon and Olibanum, the shape of this pyramid incense directs the smoke upwards and out to fill every inch of your space. Olibanum is a powerful purifier and transmuter of negative energy. Cinnamon brings in prosperity as well as both material and spiritual success.

When to use it: When you’re looking to manifest more wealth and abundance

Eco-crafted with 4 Pyramids approx. 1.4" WIDE X 1.3" H

Transform Your Space with a Scent of Success

Elevate your rituals and invite abundance into your home with our exclusive Energetic Pyramid Incense. Tailor-made for those moments when you want to elevate your surroundings and your spirit, this powerful aromatic tool is your ally in manifesting wealth and washing away negativity.

Key Features of Our Pyramid Incense

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship: Expertly molded into a pyramid shape to channel energy and intention upward and outward, our incense fills every inch of your space with potent vibes.
  • Olibanum, The Sacred Scent: Known for its powerful energy-transmutation properties, olibanum is the core component that ensures negativity is not merely masked, but genuinely cleansed.
  • Cinnamon, The Spice of Success: Emanating warmth and prosperity, cinnamon is the essence of our incense, ushering in an aura of material and spiritual success.
  • Designed for Deep Impact: The unique blend and shape work harmoniously to create a protective barrier, purify your space, and draw in the good fortunes you deserve.
  • Spring Cleaning Companion: With spring renewal in the air, our incense is the perfect complement to your energetic spring cleaning, setting the stage for a season of prosperity and positive energy.

Perfect for Your Spiritual Practice

Whether you're deep in meditation or setting intentions for the days ahead, the Energetic Pyramid Incense is your ticket to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Its composition is designed to connect you with higher planes, making it an indispensable part of your spiritual toolkit.

Open all your windows and doors. Light your pyramid incense with a lighter or candle towards the side (not the bottom). Wait to see smoke and place it in a fireproof container. Once you're finished, place the remnants in a fireproof bowl and add water.

Keep the burning incense away from any flammable materials. Keep away from children and pets. For external use only.

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