Flower of Life Rainbow Hematite Orgone Puck
Flower of Life Rainbow Hematite Orgone Puck
Flower of Life Rainbow Hematite Orgone Puck

Flower of Life Rainbow Hematite Orgone Puck

Protection • Purification • Transmuting Negative Energy
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This powerful energetic tool combines the powers of sacred geometry, the healing properties of Rainbow Hematite, metal and organic resin material to purge stuck energy that could affect your own personal energy in a positive way. When your Orgone Puck brings chaos back into balance, you feel happier and the whole body system works better too.

Orgone means "life force" and sometimes is also referred to as Prana, Universal Energy, Ch’i and more. Orgones interact with your life force, and the life force of your spaces, to transmute negative energy into positive. And once everything is sublimated and you’re balanced, everything works better, both mind and body.

This Flower of Life Rainbow Hematite Orgone Puck symbolizes the energy of the universe and divine creation, holding the energy of “ether”, the element that the heavens were made of. It is connected with the higher chakras (5th, 6th, 7th and higher), embodying the energies of meditation, awareness, awakening, higher consciousness and spirituality. This sacred geometry shape is connected with the higher self and the divine, making it one of the ideal crystals for meditation.

The energy held within the medallion-and-crystal combination will help to raise your vibration and energize your entire body. It is also very beneficial to place this crystal within your space, as it fills the entire space around it with its high vibration. These devices raise and amplify the energy level of your space, especially the areas of your living spaces that are dank, dark, usually neglected and don’t usually see a lot of activity. 

Because it’s a kind of Hematite, Rainbow Hematite offers many of the same grounding benefits. But the multicolored rainbow surface is impossible to ignore, and this aspect resonates with the magical, whimsical, more joyful side of life. The stone galvanizes transformative, empowered energy - making it a wonderful stone to work with when it’s time to take the reins and transform old mental programming and replace it with something much more open, positive and full of opportunities.

Rather than getting stuck in old, outdated, hopeless thought programming, Rainbow Hematite will be your visual reminder of all that is possible. Call upon the grounding force of this stone whenever you need a little extra support but remind yourself that your ability to dream up and create new possibilities is endless.

This incredible Orgone Puck contains genuine Rainbow Hematite, an intricate Flower of Life gold-polished metal medallion, resin, and copper and steel beads. Each puck will vary very slightly in size, shape, color, opacity, and pattern. 

Place your Flower of Life Rainbow Hematite Orgone Puck by entryways, modems, home offices, any collection of stored-away tech devices, and anywhere that may have stuck, clogged, stagnant energy.

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