Fluorite Buddha Head
Fluorite Buddha Head
Fluorite Buddha Head

Fluorite Buddha Head

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Infuse your favorite spaces with Fluorite Buddha Head crystal figurine’s sweet, nurturing energies of unconditional love. This loving energy that calms anxiety + can be helpful with stress relief. A Buddha head represents reaching enlightenment. The three-dimensional ushnisha on the top of the head is said to represent expanded wisdom. The urna is a dot on his forehead that also represents the great wisdom of the enlightened Buddha. This crystal carving is perfect for: bedrooms, gardens, decorative fountains, yoga, reiki, or meditation spaces. Looking at a Buddha reminds you to nurture yourself, stay centered, breathe, be still and reconnect to the calm that resides within. Because this Buddha is made out of Fluorite crystal, it has a high vibrational energy that helps to nourish the spirit with feelings of love and forgiveness. This dreamy soft pink Fluorite is lovingly carved in the image of the Buddha. It provides both a caring, peaceful energy and a gentle divine loving energy.

The Fluorite crystal properties come from its distinctive fluorescent light that features different colors when exposed to UV rays. This stone typically contains green and purple colors, giving it an incredible synergistic energy that heals and rejuvenates the aura. The green cleanses and purifies the heart chakra by aligning your mind with the true desires of the heart. The perfect prescription for a case of existential burnout, the purple colors in the Fluorite crystal helps you discover your divine purpose in life. It opens and stimulates the third eye chakra, clearing the way for spiritual expansion and a deeper sense of inner peace.

The Buddha statue represents enlightenment. Looking at a Buddha reminds us to stay centered, breathe, be still and to re connect to the calm alignment that resides within. When made out of Fluorite crystal, this statue emits a rejuvenating, stabilizing energy that banishes negative energy and relieves stress.

To align with the Fluorite Crystal Buddha, hold it in your right hand. As you hold it, take 7 breaths following this breath pattern: inhale for 7 counts, hold for 7 counts, then exhale for 7 counts. Visualize yourself entering a state of peace and calm. You can also place your Fluorite Buddha carving in your gardens, decorative water fountains, yoga, reiki, or meditation spaces, bedroom, desk at work or school.

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