Fluorite Hummingbird
Fluorite Hummingbird
Fluorite Hummingbird
Fluorite Hummingbird

Fluorite Hummingbird

Peace • Blessings • Good Luck
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Hummingbirds are always considered a good luck sign: it’s impossible not to smile when a hummingbird zooms close by! They’re said to bring messages from angels as a sign of resilience, joy, and miracles and, when combined with Fluorite’s energy of peace, wishes and blessings, this piece keeps you in a high-vibrational frequency.

Measures approx. 1.75" - 2" • Weighs approx. 0.833 ounces

Purple Fluorite restores a healthy balance to the mind by fostering your ability to concentrate on one issue at a time. Dissolve the anxieties that have been tainting every area of your life by meditating with Purple Fluorite. This will assist you in figuring out where your anxiety is actually stemming from.

Once you have isolated your problem, you can use the calming vibrations of fluorite to address it. Purple Fluorite meaning has a gentle, reassuring energy. It can be the support you need to bolster your confidence and take the proactive steps you’ve been putting off. Positive change begins with the first step you take in the right direction. Using a Purple Fluorite Point encourages the mind, body and spirit to come into harmony and work together to make those incremental changes. In cleansing and aligning all chakras, Purple Fluorite will restore a healthy balance to your spirit. The nurturing energy that Purple Fluorite lends to the heart chakra will induce a sense of confidence.

Break free from negative thought and behavior cycles, and develop positive patterns to take their place by tapping into the grounding and reenergizing vibes of Purple Fluorite. Purple Fluorite dispels negative energy, both from your mind and your environment. Purple Fluorite is a wonderful crystal to have on your desk or in your creative space, as it helps you to come up with new ideas, increasing your mental capacity and creativity level. In helping to heal emotions, improve relationships and make life a little easier, Purple Fluorite is crucial to the manifestation of your life’s success.

Carry this talisman with you to call in the angelic realm, ancestral guidance, and overall good fortune with you everywhere you go. Then place it on an altar to hold that positive energy in your home.

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