Glass Selenite Candle Holder
Glass Selenite Candle Holder

Glass Selenite Candle Holder

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Enhance the home-warming illumination of your favorite candles with the Glass Selenite Candle Holder: it combines the immense healing power of Selenite with the clearing energy of candles. It's the perfect way to cleanse and purify the energy of your home, office or sacred space. It quickly unblocks any stuck or stagnant energy to promote a healthy flow of positive energy throughout your space. Light bounces off the many striations within Selenite, creating a twinkling effect. Display several Glass Selenite Candle Holders for a beautiful light show.

Traditionally, white candles have been burned for centuries for energy clearing and to remove negative energy. A Glass Selenite Candle Holder clears, cleanses and purifies the energy of your space. As one of the best-known white stones, Selenite is one of the best crystals for energy clearing, making it one of the best energy tools to have in your home, office and sacred space. It clears, protects and shields your space from any negative energy. It also helps to quickly unblock any stagnant or stuck energy, removing all energy blockages so that positive energy can flow smoothly throughout your home.

Many people refer to Selenite as the sword of awareness, as it fosters the connection between your inner mystic and your conscious self — making it a must-have addition to your sacred space. Connecting with the serene, relaxing and purifying energy of selenite deepens your meditation, yoga practice or any other energy work connecting you with the high-vibrational energy of light. When you light a candle within a glass container surrounded by wands of Selenite, the light illuminates the crystal, filling your room with positive, healing energy.

Combining the energetic power of white candles with Selenite makes for a powerful—and beautiful—addition to your home, office and sacred space.

Candle not included.

The Glass Selenite Candle Holder is raw on the outside. All the selenite candle holders will vary slightly in size, shape and appearance. Make sure you burn your candle in a safe place, away from anything flammable. All sales are final.

Find a safe space in your home, and place your Glass Selenite Candle Holder. As you light your candle, hold the intention of clearing your space in your mind.

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