Go With the Flow Bracelet Combo
Go With the Flow Bracelet Combo

Go With the Flow Bracelet Combo

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EM EXCLUSIVE Do you have trouble giving up control in one or more areas of your life? When we are rigid and hung up on micromanaging our lives, we become inflexible. Things feel better, and life runs more smoothly, when we are able to roll with the punches and resiliently adapt to changes that come up. To help you not feel so attached to the outcomes nor processes in your life plans, we've carefully crafted this Go With the Flow Bracelet Combo, along with a full 21-day program, to help you focus on learning to step back and reduce your attachment to your plans.

Our set of 3 mindfully selected bracelets, created for power banding, are meant to be worn on specific sides: what you wear on your right wrist signifies what you're working on as your core intention, and what you wear on the left wrist should be your helper stones, supporting your core intention. Using the powerful energies of Moonstone, Amazonite and Malachite together all at once, the Go With The Flow Bracelet Combo is a quick and effortless way to get help yielding to the timing and flow that’s meant to be, not the one you are pushing for.

We understand that one of the reasons why people fret and fight against the natural unfolding of life is because they fear the unknown, or they are not 100% sure about the direction their life is taking. When you wear your Moonstone bracelet on your right wrist, you allow it to illuminate your purpose and accept that plans will proceed as they are meant to, so you can loosen your grip on control. When you first notice your controlling, overly attached thoughts creep back into your mind, touch your Moonstone bracelet and say the words "I TRUST IN MY LIFE’S DIRECTION AND PURPOSE" out loud or to yourself and quickly re-inhabit a trusting state of mind.

Amazonite is a buoyant, joyful stone. When you wear your Amazonite Bracelet, you can effortlessly begin to train your mind to expect positive outcomes in your life, making you less afraid and therefore less prone to an anxious attachment to the plans you make or the outcomes you wish for. When you begin to slip from a joyful and positive attitude to a heavier, distrustful one, touch your Amazonite bracelet and say “I ALWAYS GO WITH THE FLOW” to yourself and quickly bring yourself back to positivity.

Let Malachite’s dynamic, energizing power to transform your internal state from a disempowered, obsessed, and overly controlling one to a less detached, calmer, more at-ease state. Malachite is a tough love, no-nonsense kind of stone: it wants you to know that the puzzle pieces will fall into place as soon as you stop trying to force them together. It shifts the way you operate from hardened to flexible. When you notice your Malachite bracelet, say out loud or to yourself “I SHIFT EASILY” to instantly remind yourself you have the power to transform yourself.

Put your Moonstone Bracelet on your right wrist and your Amazonite and Malachite Bracelets on your left wrist every morning for 21 days. Place both hands over your heart and state your intention. Take off your bracelets at night and cleanse them on a Selenite Charging Plate.

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