Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart

Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart

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The Golden Sheen Obsidian meaning shields your energy from darker energies around you. Its reflective surface repels negative energy away from you, keeping your energy protected against low vibrations. In the shape of a heart, this Golden Sheen Obsidian crystal is especially powerful for warding off unwanted energy from the people in your life. Keep a Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart close to shield yourself from bad vibes so your energy field stays clear.

A Golden Sheen Obsidian crystal purifies your aura and guards you from any unwanted energy. The highly reflective appearance of this stone sends negativity back to the sender, preventing it from taking a toll on how you feel. Besides being a powerful stone for protection, the Golden Sheen Obsidian meaning is also one of light and positivity. Although it appears to be a dark stone at first glance, a closer look reveals its shimmer of golden light. Similarly, the Golden Sheen Obsidian properties brighten your aura, as well as protect it.

In the shape of a heart, the Golden Sheen Obsidian crystal acts as a powerful energy bodyguard in all matters of love and relationships. If someone in your life has left you feeling drained, depleted, or energetically attacked, your Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart can release that toxic energy. After clearing away the darkness, your crystal will brighten your energy so you can vibrate at the highest frequency.

When it feels like your energy is dim, connect with your Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart to lift your spirits and guard your energy from low vibrations.


Place your Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart in your home. Whenever you feel that you are holding onto unwanted energy, hold your Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart over your heart to release any negative or toxic energy.

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