Home Blessing Door Hanger
Home Blessing Door Hanger

Home Blessing Door Hanger

Blessings • Energy Clearing • Protection
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Introducing the Lunar New Year Home Blessing Door Hanger: Unleash Positive Energies in 2024! Welcome prosperity, wisdom, and good fortune into your home with our exquisite Home Blessing Door Hanger crafted from the finest brass, proudly originating from the spiritual heartland of India. As you embark on the Lunar New Year, there's no better way to set the tone for a year filled with blessings and positive energy.

As you step into 2024, give your home the gift of positive energy and protection. The intricate details, auspicious symbols, and sacred materials of our Home Blessing Door Hanger make it a must-have for those who seek prosperity, wisdom, and a sense of stability in the coming year.

Measures approx. 9" long • Weighs approx. 2.03 ounces

Key Features:

Material & Craftsmanship: Meticulously designed and handcrafted with precision, this door hanger is made of high-quality brass—a symbol of strength and durability. Its intricate details reflect the rich cultural heritage of India, ensuring that each piece is a work of art.

Elephant Motif for Wealth: Adorned with an elephant carrying a trunk upward, this symbol brings good luck and prosperity into your home. According to ancient beliefs, the upward-facing trunk invites positive energy and wealth, making it an ideal addition for the upcoming year.

Rudraksha Seeds for Stability: Four Rudraksha seeds are strategically placed, representing stability and strength. The sacred Rudraksha beads are known for their divine energy and ability to attract blessings. Embrace the stability they bring into your life and home.

Protection from the Evil Eye: Place this Home Blessing Door Hanger at your entrance to safeguard your home from the evil eye. The presence of Rudraksha seeds enhances its protective qualities, creating a shield against negative influences.

Break and Scatter Unwanted Energy: Hang the door hanger on your front door to disrupt and disperse any unwanted energies that may linger. It acts as a barrier, ensuring that only positive vibrations flow into your living space, setting the stage for a harmonious and prosperous year.

Reset Your Home's Energy: The Lunar New Year is a perfect time for renewal and fresh beginnings. By incorporating this Home Blessing Door Hanger into your home decor, you're not just adding an aesthetic piece but resetting the energy within your living space for a more positive and fulfilling experience.

Display your Home Blessing Door Hanger on your front or back door, inside your home, at the office, in your car, or anywhere else you want extra protection and to usher in blessings, positivity, and good luck in all endeavors.

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