genuine Lodolite crystal by Energy Muse
Lodolite Crystal
two different genuine Lodolite crystals by Energy Muse
two different varieties of genuine Lodolite crystal by Energy Muse

Lodolite Crystal

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Also going by the names Shaman Quartz, Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz or Garden Quartz, looking into a piece of Lodolite Crystal takes you into another world, appearing like an underwater terrain. Meditating with one or a pair of these half-polished, half-raw crystals elevates your mind-space in times of confusion, turmoil and reflection. It helps you to reflect on the past and tap into your inner strength, bringing transformative, visionary experiences. Each Lodolite Crystal will be completely and utterly unique: it is comprised of a clear quartz with tons of inclusions of a myriad of other crystals/elements. All Lodolite Crystals will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Please note that one side of each stone will be completely raw, making each Lodolite crystal totally unique and totally magical.

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Shaman Quartz is a crystal that goes by many names. Sometimes referred to as Lodalite, Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz, Shamanic Dream Quartz and Garden Quartz, each name is a fitting descriptor for the powerful, healing crystal. Found in Brazil, the name Lodolite comes from the Portuguese word for “mud.” While Lodolite can have a wide range of colors, from pink to orange, red, yellow, green and brown, it is characterized most by the coat of clear quartz which contains the colorful inclusions of different minerals. These inclusions often look like reefs being washed over by a wave of quartz crystal. Inside of the stone, the appearance of underwater terrain gives it an aquarium-like image that lends to names like Scenic, Landscape and Garden Quartz.

The name Shaman Quartz, however, has much more to do with the stone’s healing properties. It is used in meditation to bring about visionary experiences and provide insight to past lives. This crystal helps you to look at your past decisions, bringing those decisions into the present moment. Ask yourself these questions: What would I change? What would stay the same? How can I shift my consciousness for inner growth? As you take the opportunity to reflect upon your past, you tap into your inner strength and suddenly a transformation happens. Taking the time to check in with yourself is the quickest way to shift your state of mind.

Thought to enhance clairvoyant abilities, Lodolite’s connection to the crown chakra allows it to bring one to a higher spiritual and mental plane. It is the ideal stone for those seeking a spirit journey and looking to gain new perspectives.

Meditate with a pair of Lodolite Crystals to elevate your mind-space in times of confusion, turmoil or reflection.