Mind Power Bracelet

Mind Power Bracelet

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ALL SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE • Usually fits most men and women with wider wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 7.25” to 8.25”)
ALL SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE • Usually fits most women and men with smaller wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 6.25" to 7.25”)
By changing your thoughts and changing your perspective, you can change the way you live. Featuring Lapis Lazuli crystals, your Mind Power Crystal Bracelet helps you gain the mental strength to shift your state and master your mind-set.

As a stone of knowledge and power, your Lapis Lazuli crystal bracelet reminds you that you have power over your own thoughts and perspective. When you are in complete control of your mental state, you can liberate yourself from negative thoughts, toxic beliefs, and damaging patterns. By shifting into a state of harmony and open-mindedness, you can expand your horizons and change your approach to life.

The Mind Power bracelet gives you the awareness and mental strength to make the shift when you fall into old thought patterns. It helps you acknowledge the experience you are having and then guides you to release yourself from the mental trap. Use the Lapis Lazuli energy to uncover your higher truth and authentic self, and make it your mission to master your mind and live every day from your highest potential.

Place your bracelet on your left wrist, and say your intention out loud three times: I have the mind power to shift my mind-set from negative to positive.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals on your wrist, bring your intention to mind.

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