Orchid Calcite Point
Orchid Calcite Point

Orchid Calcite Point

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Ever played a board game with someone who would take ages to take their turn? It can be so agonizing to wait for someone to make their move! And what if that slowpoke of a board game player is...you? It’s so frustrating to feel stuck and unable to take a step forward, too afraid to fail to even hazard a try. If you find yourself feeling as heavy as lead and locked in place, unable to move forward, incorporate the up-and-at-’em rocket power of our Orchid Calcite Points. All crystal points are powerhouses of energy, and the special fusion of Orange Calcite’s bubbly and action-oriented energy and Black Tourmaline’s highly protective and grounding energies become even more supercharged in the form of an Orchid Calcite Point. Orchid Calcite’s bright and bouncy orange hue is brimming with positivity, sparking joy and re-lighting your creative fire. In point form, it’s the perfect ally for when you need to focus and direct energy into your intentions. Not only will it make sure that your energy won’t go to waste, a crystal point will also infuse your space with positive vibes. Blast through blocks, slumps, and any kind of negativity you may be feeling so you can get back to being your impassioned, inspired and productive self. The Orchid Calcite Point is for the doubters, the naysayers, the self-saboteurs, the second-guessers. Harness this orange crystal’s sacral chakra energy and re-light your inner creative fire. All Orchid Calcite Points will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

What is Orchid Calcite? It is a powerful combination of Orange Calcite and Black Tourmaline: dialing up your inspiration and deflecting any negativity that’s trying to enter your energetic space. It urges you to move past your on second-guessing because it’s holding you back. It wants you to START.

Orchid Calcite is all about strengthening your wellspring of confidence, pumping you full of passion for creativity, sensuality, and productivity. And it’s important to remember that “creativity” isn’t simply for easels, paintbrushes and stretched canvases. You can express your creativity through anything that’s a source of joy! Cooking new recipes, redecorating your home, making music playlists for loved ones, thinking up silly stories with your kids — anything that allows you to let loose and have fun and express yourself freely is what Orchid Calcite Points (and Orange Calcite in general) want to bring to you. The Black Tourmaline inclusions want you to feel grounded so that you can feel safe enough to really go for it and express yourself. It’s a powerful protector, renowned for its ability to protect the user. The Black Tourmaline in Orchid Calcite Points breaks through 2 of the largest obstacles for any creative: the fear of failure and uptight, unforgiving perfectionism.

Orchid Calcite Point energy connects to the vibrant orange sacral chakra to help you remove blockages that are getting in the way of your creative or sensual powers. It’s no coincidence that Orchid Calcite Points may remind you of cheese pieces: they’re all about movement, taking a risk and giving it a go. Orchid Calcite, in point form in particular, wants you to really use your personal power so that you can confidently go after all of those unfulfilled dreams, all those strategies and plans you’ve not yet felt bold enough to try.

If you are drawn to Orchid Calcite Points, it’s likely indicative that the embers of your inner flame are in need of a rekindling. This crystal technology reminds you of your innate talent, intelligence, and strength. Let this Orchid Calcite Point meaning help you boost your mental energy so you can impress yourself with your bold action — kicking through roadblocks and taking names.

In point form, Orchid Calcite’s healing properties are fully focused and concentrated, ready to aim its energy like a laser beam at any creative blocks you may be hitting up against. Its smooth, polished surface demands that steps be taken, its refined surfaces displayed on a desk, in a studio, in a kitchen - anywhere you feel the most creative. Another way to amplify your intentions with your Orchid Calcite Point is to handwrite your plan of attack, specifically detailing your Step 1, Step 2, Step 3..and so on. Place your point on top of your written-out plan to infuse it with the power to get it done. Points love to be displayed in groups - like soldiers, their energy is much stronger when together when they can bounce energies off of each other. Orchid Calcite Point is a very powerful healing crystal that can best be used when held in the palm of your hand during meditation.

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