Peach Selenite Charging Bowl
Peach Selenite Charging Bowl

Peach Selenite Charging Bowl

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About 4" x 4" x 1.5"
About 6" x 6" x 2"
The Peach Selenite Charging Bowl is a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing way to store, clear, and charge your smaller crystals and jewelry. Keep them organized and vibrating at a high frequency by placing them inside this Peach Selenite Bowl, which is one of the stones with the highest vibration on the planet. The potent light-bringing Selenite energy is so energetically powerful that it charges all the crystal energies placed in it. This Peach Selenite Crystal Bowl is a convenient and effective way to ensure your crystals are cleansed and ready to use at all times.

Instead of leaving your crystals hidden away in a box or drawer where you never interact with them, store them in a Peach Selenite Charging Bowl. This crystal bowl is a functional way to store your crystals from both an energetic and organizational standpoint, since it keeps them neat and tidy while also clearing your crystals for you. Your crystals do not want to be ignored nor forgotten! They want to displayed somewhere that's energetically nourishing and that will catch your attention as well.

As a stone of light and positive energy, the Peach Selenite crystal properties raise the vibration of everything around it. This crystal has the ability to both clear and charge the energy of other crystals, as well as your intentions and environment. In the shape of a bowl, you are able to harness the full potential of the Peach Selenite healing properties to cleanse and energize your other stones, while simultaneously keeping your crystals organized.

The benefits of a Peach Selenite bowl go even further. Because it is such a high vibrational crystal, placing it in your space can raise the vibration of your home as well. It will fill whichever room or area of the home you choose to place it in with positive energy, high vibrations, and light.

A Peach Selenite Charging Bowl, just like normal Selenite, is a bringer of light. It sheds new light on the mind and spirit that may have been functioning in the shadows for too long. So if your aura is tinged with the pain of rejection, grief, loss, abandonment, deception or loneliness, Peach Selenite will brighten your aura with its peachy vibes. Peach selenite is especially beneficial to the sacral chakra. It lends you the power to forgive, accept and heal. As a high-vibrational charging bowl, using a Peach Selenite Charging Bowl to house and charge your crystals will rouse feelings of love and passion deep in your core, while stirring a long-missed warmth through your body and soul. Place a Peach Selenite Charging Bowl on your windowsill for a few hours during the day to imbue it, and the crystals contained within it, with loving light.

Place your Peach Selenite Charging Bowl in your bedroom, living space, or any other area of your home. Place your smaller crystals and jewelry inside of the Peach Selenite bowl to clear and charge their energy and the energy of your intentions.

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