Prehnite Point
Prehnite Point
Prehnite Point

Prehnite Point

Renewal • Peace • Hope
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About 2" to 3"
About 3" to 4"
The green color of a Prehnite Point brings a renewed sense of vitality and life-force energy to your spirit. Through its connection to your heart chakra, the Prehnite crystal properties offer a powerful healing energy. Prehnite also carries a peaceful and nurturing energy, which boosts your aura and raises your vibration. Connect with your Prehnite point to feel your best each and every day.

Prehnite crystals are powerful healing stones. Through the connection to the heart chakra, the Prehnite crystal properties help to revitalize and rejuvenate your spirit. The boost of life-force energy that the Prehnite crystal provides promotes renewal and supports your overall energetic wellness.

A Prehnite Point is a master healer because it allows you to send healing energy out into the universe. The Prehnite crystal also has a peaceful, nurturing energy that helps to clear and calm your energy field. Because this crystal has such a healing, harmonious energy, it works to both protect and uplift you.

The Prehnite crystal is also a powerful tool to address your aura, the invisible energy field that surrounds you. In the same way that it heals your heart, Prehnite also heals and repairs your aura so you can feel your best and maintain the highest vibrational frequency possible.

Place your Prehnite Point somewhere in your home where you will see it each day. At the start of the day, throughout the day, or at the end of the day, hold your Prehnite crystal over your heart to renew and rejuvenate your spirit.

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