Purple Tassel Rose Quartz Hanger

Purple Tassel Rose Quartz Hanger

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To be fully integrated and feel like a holistic person, it’s very important to balance our hearts with our minds. If you lean too extremely on one or the other, you may be hampering your best decision-making abilities and get in the way of experiencing your life in a full, well-rounded way. We all know someone who doesn't think, and only uses their heart as a compass! This approach might become really problematic really fast. Or, we know the excessively analytical person who is all brain and logic but has no idea how to be in touch with their emotions. A perfect way to harness the combined power of your head and your heart is by displaying the new Purple Tassel Rose Quartz Hanger somewhere sacred in your home, like your bedroom. Combining the love-based energy of Rose Quartz and the evocative, intuition-centric purple color associated with the crown chakra, this gorgeous home decor piece is perfect for use on your bedroom door as a doorknob hanger, or on a corner of your bed’s headboard, or by a bedroom or office window. Some of us here at Energy Muse HQ have one hung in their car’s rear view mirror, or in their bathrooms, or right outside their front door! No matter where you display it, your tassel hanger will remind you to keep your spaces sacred and remind you to keep your heart and your head in joyful, energetic alignment.

As the stone of love, Rose Quartz opens your heart and fills you with love. Displaying this beautiful stone in your home can help you see your spaces through rose-colored glasses and surround you in the energy of love and happiness. And when you keep this tassel displayed prominently, it will gently remind you to try and connect more deeply with your subconscious knowledge and sensory perception, helping you focus on listening to your intuition and inner wisdom, which then raises your vibration. Having clear and open third-eye and crown chakras shift you and your sacred spaces into receptive and meditative safe havens.

We recommend this decor to all of those who find themselves who have trouble honoring their own spaces and would like some help prioritizing their head-heart connection. You may also be drawn to the Rose Quartz and purple hue because your heart wants to send out more love, and needs more of your attention. Give these as a gift to express how you feel toward your loved ones, and share with them the love you have inside of you.

All Rose Quartz crystals are natural products from the Earth; because of this, each individual stone will be unique and vary slightly in color, size, and shape.

Display your Purple Tassel Rose Quartz Hanger in your bedroom, on the doorknob, by your bed, or anywhere you’d like a beautiful visual reminder of your heart-healing intentions and to stay mindful when creating sacred spaces for yourself.

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