Pyrite Pyramid

Pyrite Pyramid

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About 1.5" to 1.75"
About 1.75" to 2
Bring a Pyrite Pyramid into your space to fill you with the confidence and power to attract wealth and success. Whether you are looking for increased wealth or new professional opportunities, a Pyrite Pyramid will amplify your intention.

Pyrite’s golden, luxurious appearance perfectly represents its rich energy. As a stone of wealth and abundance, Pyrite aligns you with the vibrations of wealth. Because of its shape, a Pyrite Pyramid brings both stability and growth to your spirit. It grounds you in your financial state as you are now, and empowers you to elevate your finances through attracting wealth and prosperity.

The Pyrite meaning connects to the solar plexus chakra, increasing your self-worth and personal power. By activating this energy center, working with Pyrite strengthens your confidence to go after all opportunities for success.  

Place your Pyrite Pyramid on your desk or in your home to attract wealth and success.

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