Rose Quartz Ganesh Statue
Rose Quartz Ganesh Statue
Rose Quartz Ganesh Statue
Rose Quartz Ganesh Statue
Rose Quartz Ganesh Statue

Rose Quartz Ganesh Statue

Remove Obstacles • Attract Love • High Frequencies
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Measures approx. 3.75" • Weighs approx. 9.45 ounces
Ganesh, as represented in Rose Quartz, is ideal for guiding you through obstacles in the realm of love. Repeated patterns will break off onto new paths that are motivated by mindfulness, loving intentions and enlightened decision making.

These finely crafted Rose Quartz Ganesh Statues may be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but their energy extends far beyond. There’s a lot of symbolism packed into into these statues in which Ganesh, the god of wisdom, is carved into Rose Quartz, the stone of love. Made in India, each of the hand painted details draw attention to the many symbols significant to the deity. In the same way that Rose Quartz radiates a soft, comforting energy, the raised, open palm of Ganesh gives reassurance with a message of, “Fear not, I am with you.”

The presence of Ganesh is a loving one that reminds us of his existence within us all. We see this exhibited in his name, as Gan means “group,” meaning that his energy ties all energies together in a divine order. When connecting to the loving energy of this statue, unite with this philosophy of universal bonds. Remember that you are meant to be a part of this world, this group, and all the living things in it. Rose Quartz will assist in the attraction of bonds, as its energy is rooted in abundance and connection. It links to the heart so that you are open to receiving and giving all manners of love. The compassion that Rose Quartz elevates will help you in the pursuit of all love, whether it be romantic, for yourself or for the immense group you interact with everyday when you reenter the world. The rat, on which the elephant god travels and which can be seen depicted on the back of the statue, reminds us that as we move in this world, we should keep our primal, lower self beneath our will power and wise self. Ganesh is above the compulsive greed of the rat, which would eat whatever it could if it were not under the control of Ganesh. Invoke this power over your own impulsive urges, and you can devote yourself to a more enlightened quest.

Due to their nature, each one will be different in shape, size, pattern and color — but each is so special. 

Whatever room you place your Rose Quartz Ganesh, make sure he is facing either East, West or North. It is also suggested to place an offering—such as a bowl of rice, candy or flowers—in front of Ganesh. Having Ganesh on an elevated surface is a sign of respect, so set him on a table if you can.

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