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The Candle Lover's Trio

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You are an energy that burns bright! Use this candle collection to ignite your senses, calm your mind and warm your soul. Fire is one of nature’s most powerful forces. It can cleanse, transform, comfort and inspire. Whether you seek abundance, clarity, a new beginning or protection, this specially curated collection of candles will create just the right spark to fire you up or slow you down.

The Abundance Candle - Feed your ambitions. This powerful candle with cardamon and clove essential oils will invite in abundance, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

The Clearing Candle – Time for a fresh start. With smoky quartz crystals, and rosemary and thyme essential oils, this candle will clear away negative thoughts and energy and make room for new beginnings.

The Protection Candle – Good vibes only! Create a protective shield with the properties of Black Tourmaline. With sage and lavender aromatherapy, this candle is designed to soothe, relax and ground you.

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