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Aura Rose Quartz Point
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Aura Rose Quartz Point

Aura Rose Quartz Point

Joy • Brilliance • High-Vibration
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Introducing our mesmerizing Angel Aura Rose Quartz Tower Point: a stunning fusion of the gentle, loving energies of Rose Quartz with the joyful iridescence of Angel Aura Quartz! This enchanting crystal creation isn't just a piece of beauty; it's a conduit for profound transformation and inner peace.

If you’re feeling dull in your day-to-day life, connecting with the Aura Rose Quartz Point will fill your soul with joy and optimism. This stunning piece is practically bursting with high-vibrational energy, making it the perfect energetic remedy for anyone stuck in spiritual funk! Known as the Unicorn Crystal, the Aura Rose Quartz Point will help you tune your spirit into fully experiencing love for yourself, the world, loved ones, and life in general. The iridescent rainbow is so vibrant it will reflect its joyous colors wherever you place it! With natural formations that are unique to each stone, every Angel Aura Rose Quartz Point will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and pattern.

Measures approx. 3" - 4" tall • Weighs approx. 2.435 ounces

With this exuberant Aura Rose Quartz Point from the Tucson Gem Show in your collection, the regular world will never put a damper on your rainbow of radiance. Keep it in your favorite spaces in a super visible spot, so you can easily connect with its energy, allowing you to shine bright every day. Hold your Aura Rose Quartz Point in your hands and feel the rainbowy, whimsical vibes wash away any stress and negativity, surrounding you in a bubble of peace, possibility and high-vibrational joy!

Rose Quartz already features a sweet and delicate appearance: its different shades of rosy pinks powerfully emit the energy of love. But what exactly is Aura Rose Quartz? It is simply a Rose Quartz crystal point that’s been treated with a special coating process that involves both silver and platinum. The result is a sparkly, iridescent holographic effect that enrobes the entire stone. With this now even more magical look, Aura Rose Quartz’s energy wants to imbue your life with magic and wonder.

Aura Rose Quartz not only lifts the entire energy body and releases negative energy, it then infuses you with bright, wide-eyed hope, like the joyful hope so often described in children’s fairy tales. Aura Rose Quartz’s magical essence makes it the perfect stone for anyone who is experiencing a kind of disillusionment with life and needs a heaping spoonful of heart-healing wonderment, hope, and optimism.

Place your Aura Rose Quartz Point where you spend the most time, especially if it has access to natural light and watch your crystal's dazzling rainbow-y iridescent lift the vibration of your spaces, your energy body, and bring a smile to your face.

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