Amazonite Touchstone
Amazonite Touchstone

Amazonite Touchstone

Hope • Play • Joy
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Through helping you to shake out of established thoughts or feelings, Amazonite creates an entirely fresh outlook on life. Use an Amazonite Touchstone to see things from a new, positive perspective. Amazonite ignites your sense of play, so that even if your heart has felt heavy or blocked, you can embrace a new excitement for love and life.

Hold this Amazonite Touchstone to expand your mind and heart with joyful energy. Amazonite busts you out of your funk and compels you to pursue whatever makes you happy. Rather than waiting for joy to find you, connect with an Amazonize Touchstone to inspire your next adventure. Even if you're simply going to the grocery store, Amazonite's fun energy will help you to see that as an adventure.

An Amazonite Touchstone is especially helpful for those whose heart energy feels hampered by a hurtful experience. The attention that Amazonite energy lends to your spirit will soften that weight of that experience. In doing so, Amazonite offers you helpful insights and allows you to move on as you accept and release your pain. Amazonite has a forward moving energy that propels you to seek out new joys and stop looking back on old hurt.

For those whose pain has blocked their ability to express themselves, Amazonite opens the throat chakra and helps you to talk about your experience. This quality is also what makes Amazonite a favorite among those in creative fields. It gets you in touch with your feelings, allows for deep insight and then lends a determined surge of energy to the solar plexus to help you create from an authentic place.

If you are feeling drawn to an Amazonite Touchstone, you are looking to bring in the energy of joy. Whether you have fallen into a rut where you've forgotten the importance of fun, or a hurtful experience has continued to hang over your spirit, you may feel pulled toward Amazonite because you want the reminder to go out play.

Country of Origin: Madagascar 

To use an Amazonite Touchstone, simply hold in your hand for a series of deep breaths or in meditation.

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