Day 12: Wealth

Let’s be honest: the holidays can be a financial strain. Even with a budget for gifting, unexpected expenses pop up.

Get money savvy with wearable energy and workspace kits that help manifest, hold and support prosperity. After all, prosperity is a three-part process: building a money mindset, getting clear on your financial goals and creating an action plan.

Discover our wallet-friendly energy tools that help make all your money wishes come true.

The Career Switcher who is both excited and a bit overwhelmed with the process of changing direction. Gift them the Pyrite Crystal to help them into Pyrite's illuminating, protective, and abundant-attracting energy.

The New Grad who is full of excitement, energy and ready to get their career started. Give them the Prosperity Necklace! Their career journey is just starting, so help them stay protected, lucky and prosperous.

The Entrepreneur who is intrepid, courageous and building their empire. Gift them the Money Magnet Master Bundle! Whether they're building their business in their home office, storefront or coffeeshop, this portable yet powerful bundle makes them money and prosperity magnets everywhere they go.

Today's Mantra: I am a money magnet.

Powerfully Protected Car Hanger
Shielding • Illumination • Safe Driving
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Moon Car Energy Purifier
White Light • Divine Protection • Safe Travels
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Star Car Energy Purifier
Confidence • Protection • Safe Travels
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Car Protection Crystal Bundle
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