Amethyst Fairy
Amethyst Fairy
Amethyst Fairy

Amethyst Fairy

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Activate your third eye chakra with this gorgeously purple Amethyst Fairy crystal figurine! Most commonly found in Welsh and Scottish mythology, fairies are considered some of the oldest beings. Their ancient wisdom is closely associated with nature and the ability to be observant of their environment. Besides having magical knowledge and the powers of invisibility, immortality, and telekinesis, fairies are known as lighthearted pranksters, always creating fun and adding a sense of play. This crystal carving is perfect for: gardens, outdoor altars, decorative fountains, and windowsills.

Highly beneficial to opening up your inner wisdom and the ancient wisdom of the fairy world, Amethyst Fairy Crystal Carvings help you stay observant and fully present the way the magical fairies do. Amethyst is essential for building intuition. Use this Amethyst Fairy statue to stay in the moment, immersed in the wonder and enjoyment of the natural world around you.

Adding an Amethyst Fairy to your outdoor decor or bedroom helps to infuse the spaces with bright, vibrant, grounded energy. It simultaneously radiates positive energy as it sucks all the negative energy out of your space.

Working with this Amethyst Fairy by placing it in fairy gardens in your backyard, enticing the joyful, playful energies of the fairy world to your space. Let them bring good fortune and the whimsical, awe-inspiring

To harness the joyful vibes of your Amethyst Crystal Fairy, place your Fairy carving in your gardens, desk at work, altars and anywhere else that needs a boost of joy.

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