Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet
Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet
Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet

Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet

Playfulness • Light • Happiness
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Inspire your own fairytale and whimsy with the rainbow vibes that beam from your Angel Aura Quartz bracelet. Made by treating Quartz crystal with Platinum, this fusion directs light to you & creates a bubble of peace, tranquility and positive energy around you. Not only does this combo create a stunning spectrum of hues, it also brightens the aura with an impressive range of metaphysical properties. Working with the high vibrational abilities of Quartz, and the energy conducting functions of Platinum, Angel Aura Quartz will have an intense uplifting effect on your energy.

Measures approx. 7.5; stretch • Beads measure 8mm • Weighs approx. 0.1 ounces

Angel Aura Quartz crystals draw out your playful and lighthearted side. To access this side anytime and anywhere you may need to, wear the Angel Aura Quartz bracelet! It will connect you to feelings of joy and happiness and inspire you to see the light in all situations. It will encourage you to tap into your inner joy whenever you need to most.

Keeping the Angel Aura Quartz crystal close to your body helps its rainbow energy spread into your own energy field. As a high vibrational stone of spiritual elevation, the Angel Aura Quartz properties guide you to a more optimistic state of mind. From this place, even the smallest of moments will spark more joy within you.

Place your bracelet on your right or left wrist - whichever feels better for you. Say your intention out loud three times: I program this Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet to fill my space and spirit with light, blessings and rainbows.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals on your wrist, bring your intention to mind.

Before you go to sleep, take your bracelet off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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