Aura Citrine

Aura Citrine #114

Blessings • Light • Love
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Soak up sunny, joyful energy into your auric field with these radiant new Aura Citrine Points! These crystal points look a little different from the usual point: these are “cut base top polish” points and this means that the crystal is in its natural shape and only the point has been polished into energy-directing pointed ends. The surfaces feature an Aura shine. This is a special coating process that involves electroplating the crystal with platinum. The result? A flashy, rainbowy effect that uplifts the spirit and doubles up Citrine’s energies of joy and optimism. This stunning crystal wants you to interact and engage with it! Run your fingers along its surface. Tilt your Aura Citrine Point in different directions to watch the brilliant iridescent flashes shine. Hold it during meditations to re-code the way you speak to your subconscious, and work on making it more positive if your current self-talk is negative. Feel your auric field fill with the magic of blessings and positivity.
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