Aura Fluorite Point

Aura Fluorite Point

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About 1" to 2"
About 2" to 3"
Instead of a star, make a wish upon your Aura Fluorite Point. This unique rainbow crystal is a powerful ally for anyone looking to dream big and manifest new possibilities. When the harshness of reality is weighing you down, bring your Aura Fluorite Point over your heart and visualize your dreams coming true. Through this crystal visualization, you can get out of your head and tap into your heart, where you can find joy and happiness.

With an Aura Fluorite Point around, life can feel like it's filled with rainbows and magic. The iridiscent glimmer of an Aura Fluorite Points helps you tap into your imagination, and bust through the rigidity of real life so you can daydream and manifest your hearts desires. Connect with this stone when you want to make a wish or bring a little rainbow energy into your life.

Besides manifesting your wishes, your Aura Fluorite Point can help you bring positive energy into your life and infuse your mind, body and spirit with high vibrations.

Each and every one of these crystals is unique and different in shape and color. These are a natural Fluorite Point that is plated with high quality metal to create the aura effect.


Write down a wish and place your Aura Fluorite Point on top to help you turn your wish into reality. When you feel hopeless or down, pick up your Aura Fluorite Point to remember to dream big and stay positive.

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