Aura Howlite Point

Aura Howlite Point

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When you’re in the tight suffocating grip of anger, you temporarily lose your ability to feel hope or see a brighter future ahead. It may feel like everything in your world dampens down to a dull monochrome and there’s no color in anything anymore. To get yourself out of this joy-draining funk and reinject optimistic color back into your life, get an Aura Howlite Point and let it act as a fairy godmother’s wand — enchanting and angelic in appearance, Howlite is renowned for its ability to help reduce negative emotions, especially anger. With the added aura effect, Howlite’s emotionally calmative properties are heightened. It’s already well-known as a spiritually calming stone that increases the user’s patience, tranquility, and inner knowledge, so this Aura Howlite Point is supercharged by the added aura treatment. All Aura Howlite Points will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Howlite already features an aesthetically pleasing appearance: like stately marble, it is predominantly white in color with black, grey, or brown smoky-looking “veins” that run throughout. But what exactly is Aura Howlite? It is simply a Howlite crystal that’s been treated with a special coating process that involves both silver and platinum. The result is a sparkly, iridescent holographic effect that enrobes the entire stone. With this now even more magical look, Aura Howlite’s energy wants to imbue your life with magic and wonder, doing away with the heart-hardening effects of pent-up anger and frustration.

White healing crystals such as Howlite have an extra powerful ability to soothe the mind, because the light white hue is seen almost like an eraser or cleanser to negativity and confusion. Howlite’s association with the crown chakra reinforces this crystal meaning: it’s a powerful stone that’s used to balance the crown chakra by soothing a racing, overactive mind, quelling panic, easing restlessness, and instilling tranquility. Aura Howlite not only calms the entire energy body and releases pent-up negative mental energy, it then infuses you with bright, wide-eyed hope, like the joyful hope so often described in children’s fairy tales. Aura Howlite’s magical essence makes it the perfect stone for anyone who is experiencing a kind of disillusionment with life and needs a heaping spoonful of heart-healing wonderment, hope, and optimism.

Howlite has long been prized for its ability to help obliterate impatience, intense anger, feelings of rage and fury. Combining the energy amplification of aura treatments with Howlite’s ability to reduce perturbed feelings produces a supercharged soothing and calming effect.

Use your Aura Howlite Point in an “unzipping” ritual: Visualize your anger or frustration as a tangible substance in the center of your energy body. Hold your Aura Howlite Point in your dominant hand and perform an unzipping motion along the front of your body, beginning from right above your head and ending at about your waist. Envision the tangible version of your anger being pulled off of you in layers. “Zip” yourself back up by repeating the motion with your Aura Howlite Point. Now all the space you’ve freed up within yourself can be “restocked” with positive, life-affirming, and miracle-based energy instead.

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