Black Obsidian Crystal Eye Mask
Black Obsidian Crystal Eye Mask

Black Obsidian Crystal Eye Mask

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Connect with the protective energy of Black Obsidian by placing this Black Obsidian Eye Mask over your eyes. Whatever has you feeling stressed out or tense will quickly fade away, and your crystal eye mask will bring you back to a state of relaxation. Black Obsidian’s warmth-retaining properties can aid soothe the hardworking tissue around the eyes and the mask’s comforting weight melts any hardened stress from your day. Adding this Black Obsidian crystal eye mask to your skincare rituals is the perfect way to boost your products’ benefits and provide even deeper relaxation.

Your Black Obsidian Eye Mask is a luxurious way to access the detoxifying and relaxing energy of an Black Obsidian crystal. Through a simple self-care practice using your crystal eye mask, you can guide yourself from a state of chaotic negativity to a state of protection and peace. When you find yourself blocked and your energy body clogged by harmful energies, take a few moments for yourself and lay the Black Obsidian eye mask over your eyes to find inner clarity and peace.

This eye mask works by infusing your mind, body, and spirit with the Black Obsidian properties. As a stone of protection, Black Obsidian clears your energy of any harmful energies, negativity, or stress so you can get back to a purified state of being. The Black Obsidian properties are enhanced by the weight of the eye mask, which grounds your energy and requires you to find stillness. In that moment of stillness, you can reconnect to your sense of inner peace.

Because of its buildup-clearing quality, this crystal eye mask is also ideal for use before bed. Make this eye mask a part of your nighttime routine to wind down before going to sleep and leave all your worries behind. Whether you use the eye mask nightly or as-needed, this spa-like treatment is sure to help you unwind and decompress whenever you need to do so the most.

Lay this Black Obsidian eye mask over your eyes to calm your mind. The peaceful energy of the crystals and the weight of the eye mask will guide you to a state of relaxation. You can even flip this eye mask upside down to treat your chin and jaw area, making it perfect for those of us who clench our jaws unconsciously while out-and-about in our energetically noisy lives.

You can also place this mask in the fridge and place it over your eyes to have a cooling, de-puffing effect.

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