Blue Calcite Stone

Blue Calcite Stone

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Let the soft and dreamy blue hues of a Blue Calcite tumbled stone guide you to a state of serenity whenever, wherever. Combining the purifying and cleansing properties of Calcite with the soothing energy of the blue color ray, these Blue Calcite stones are a go-to tool to help you find your calm. Because of the connection to the upper chakras, these Blue Calcite crystal tumbled stones also support your communication and help you to live an authentic and stress-free life. Each stone will come with a card or downloadable crystal sheet PDF with more information.

Blue Calcite is harder to find than many other colors of Calcite, which makes this powerful stone even more special. As a calming crystal known for its soothing and serene energy, Blue Calcite guides you to a calm state and helps you navigate the stresses of everyday life from a higher state of being. It is also known to help promote restful sleep and relaxation because it soothes your mind and puts your spirit at ease.

The Blue Calcite meaning comes from its connection to the upper chakras, especially the throat and third eye. By balancing and aligning these energy centers, the Blue Calcite properties support clear communication and self-expression. When it comes to emotional healing, the ability to speak your truth and ask for what you need can make a huge difference – and the Blue Calcite tumbled stone will be your crystal ally along your healing journey.

Due to the nature of these Blue Calcite tumbled stones, they will all differ slightly in color, shape, size and pattern.

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Connect with your Blue Calcite tumbled stone to calm your mind, body and spirit by carrying it with you everywhere you go, whether it’s your pocket or purse. You can also place your Blue Calcite in your bedroom, workspace, or any other area to create a relaxing, serene environment.

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